Step 1 – Download QKangaroo

Download the Q-Kangaroo App on IOS or Android, create an account and then simply choose your favourite cafe.

Step 2 – Place an Order

Now its time to place an order! Simply choose which product you would like to buy (Americano/Sandwich) and indicate what time you will collect at.

Step 3 – Skip the Queue

Finally, all you need to do now is save yourself time by skipping the queue!
PS. Enjoy your food & beverage!

The wait is over, never queue for your coffee again!

Benefits of Q-Kangaroo

We Practice what we Preach


Q-Kangaroo is a fast and convenient way to save our customers (end users and vendors) time and money.


Our vision here at Q-Kangaroo is to build an App which makes buying food/beverages extremely conveinient.

Company Ethos

Here at Q-Kangaroo we embrace all traits of personality and we realise the strong link between a companies culture and its success. This is why we pride ourselves on being diverse.


At Q-Kanagroo we strongly believe that it’s not just what you do that matters, it’s how you do it!


Take a moment to observe some of the current food/beverage outlets who are using Q-Kangaroo’s Business App.


Recommend our next store!

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