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Why Choose Q-KANGAROO?

Q KANGAROO is a convenience app, which makes life easier everyday. Our app allows customers to find, order and prepay for food and/or drink in a chosen coffee shop or restaurant. Customers can choose their pick up time and ‘skip’ the queue. We save customers and our partners one of the most valuable resources in today’s modern world. Time!

Happier Customers

Seeing as your customers are no longer waiting in a queue, they’re happier for it! Our specialised App allows customers to pre-order they’re food or beverage prior to arriving at you store. This means less time waiting and more time drinking or eating.

Monitor Peak Times

Due to Q-KANGAROO’s easy user friendly backend for businesses, you yourself can moniter which times are the busiest and which are not. This means that you can easily prepare for hectic times during the space which is quieter.

Extend Customer Reach

When you become a member of the Q-KANGAOO business family you extend the reach of your store to much more potential customers. Customers who are on the Q-Kangaroo App will be suggested stores based on their location. This way your store is being seen by people who may not have even known you existed prior to know!

Cashless Payments

We aims to achieve a seamless cashless society within Ireland. By doing so, we are enhancing the customers experience when they arrive at your store as each product is paid and ordered within the App beforhand. This form of payment is safer and more efficient for store owners as there is less handling of physical cash on any given day.

Store Data

We provide valuable customer data which is completely GDPR compliant that is related to order patterns, customer preferences and trends. This will allow you to know your target audience much better. This acts as 1) Precision tool to manage queues, 2) manage peak times and 3) optimize your maketing for maximum effect.

We look after the technology!

As a technology company we offer a seamless and integrated solution and save you any capital costs while you continue to focus on your core business. We have a highly trained team with many expertise who sufficiently upgrade and monitor the user interface of the app.

Choose your plan

At Q-KANGAROO we understand that every business is different, which is why we have tailored our product into two seperate models.

Plan A

  • Volume Based
  • All Software
  • Setup Included
  • Customer Support Manager
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Secure and Private (GDPR Compliant, SSL Cert, Fraud Detection)
  • Recommended for chains of 10 or more

Plan B

  • All Software
  • Tablet and Cradle
  • Printer
  • Hardware & Setup
  • Additional Locations
  • Customer Support Manager
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Secure and Private (GDPR Compliant, SSL Cert, Fraud Detection)
  • Recommended for Small Chains and Independent Stores

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