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Why Choose Q-KANGAROO?

Q-KANGAROO is an app platform for Food & Beverage retailers. A powerful tool for handling prepaid Pick Up, Sit In, Delivery, and At Table Ordering. Q-KANGAROO reduces labour costs and increases profits. the app can also host store loyalty at no additional cost. Why Wait?

Happier Customers

By eliminating queuing, Q-KANGAROO creates happier customers! Our App allows your customers to pre-order food or beverages prior to arriving in-store, which means less time waiting in line and more time getting on with their busy lives.

Monitor Peak Times

Via Q-KANGAROO's user-friendly backend interface, businesses can easily track which are their busiest times. This means that you can actively plan for peaks by scheduling re-stocking, cleaning, etc for the quieter periods.

Extend Customer Reach

Becoming a member of the Q-KANGAROO business family extends your store's reach to countless more potential customers. Users of the Q-KANGAROO App are suggested stores based on location, which means your store will be seen by people who may not have previously even known you existed!

Cashless Payments

As each order is pre-paid before arriving in store, Q-KANGAROO helps eliminate cash transactions. This cashless approach is both safer and more efficient for store owners, and also supports the growing consumer trend towards card-based and online payments.

Store Data

We provide powerful, GDPR-compliant customer data relating to order patterns, preferences, and trends. the valuable insights this data uncovers can help operators significantly improve profitability through 1) precision tools to manage queues 2) means to address peaks and troughs and 3) ways to focus marketing resources for maximum effect.

We look after the technology!

We offer a seamless and integrated technology solution. You save capital costs and focus on your core business while we use our expertise to provide a personalised ordering experience. We continually invest by adding new features and improving the user interface.

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