The wait is over, never queue for your coffee or lunch again!
The wait is over, never queue for your coffee or lunch again!

Download Q-KANGAROO Today!

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Q-KANGAROO allows order ahead and beat the q in your favourite coffee shop or food outlet. Get the app, pick a venue and order online: Saving you time, Earning you loyalty rewards, Cashless Payments

How does Q-KANGAROO work?

QKangaroo is an easy to use mobile App for all ages. What you need to do is the following steps:

Download the App
Create an account
Find an outlet near by
Pick a product
Order and pay through the App
Select a pickup time
Arrive at that time and skip the queue!

Where is Q-KANGAROO available?

QKangaroo is currently available in counties Louth and Limerick. If you think that a food/beverage outlet near you could benefit from joining QKangaroo drop us the name and location in our query form within the “Contact Us” page.

Does Q-KANGAROO cost money to download?

No. Q-KANGAROO is a completely free App to download on both IOS and Android!

How will I know that my coffee is ordered successfully?

When a user sends an order to a food/beverage outlet, they shall either accept or decline the order. In which case you will receive a notification stating the acceptance or decline of your order.

Do I get a receipt for each order?

Yes. When a QKangaroo member completes an order they shall receive a digital receipt in the “My Orders” section of the App. There is also an option to print the invoice of an official receipt.

What are the benefits of using Q-KANGAROO?

Business Benefits

Manage peak order times much better with Q-KANGAROO!
Loyalty scheme is much more efficient
Analytical data about products! (whats working and whats not)
Identify key trends for your store (Peak times, popular products, identify loyal customer base)

Customer Benefits

They save time!
They earn digital loyalty points! Never lose your loyalty card again!
No transaction fee’s from using our digital wallet!

Where can I view my order history?

All previous orders can be viewed in the ‘My Orders’ section from ‘More’ menu of the app.

What can I do if there is a problem with my order?

Go to ‘more’ menu and select customer support. Select the + sign and from there you can submit feedback on any previous order.

Can I order from more than one café/restaurant in one transaction?

No, this is not possible at present. If you wish to order from more than one vendor you will need to place separate orders.

How far in advance can I order?

At present you can order up to 60 minutes in advance.

Is the payment method secure?

Yes. We do not store complete card details on our website or any external database. All details for your transaction are completed
through your selected secure payment processor.

I'm running late, can I delay my order?

If preparation for your order has begin this may not be possible. However we advise you to contact the restaurant via the app and
request to delay to another time. We also advise allowing a store to track your location. If you do so then we will know where you are and if you are unlikely to make your pick up time- with this location tracking functionality we will automatically make amends to your pick up time.

How do I change my order after it's been submitted?

Amendments to existing orders are not possible. However if preparation for your order has not yet started our vendors will do their best to cancel it before starting. To do this, simply message a member of the team by selecting ‘more’ at the bottom right of the screen and then ‘customer support’. You will receive a notification if your order has been cancelled and you can simply re-submit your new order.

What if I need to cancel my order?

If preparation for your order has not begun it may be possible to cancel (cancellations and refunds are at the vendors discretion). Simply message a member of the team through the ‘customer support’ button (select ‘more’ at the bottom right of the screen). Once an order is cancelled, your refund will be processed automatically and immediately.

When will I be refunded if my order is declined?

Once an order is cancelled or declined, a reverse transfer takes place and a refund immediately occurs.

Further Questions?

If you still have questions please contact us via email at support@qkangaroo.com