Q-KANGAROO | Need to Eat? Get the App!
Q-KANGAROO | Need to Eat? Get the App!

Q-KANGAROO in Dunshaughlin!

You can order and pay ahead with Q-KANGAROO in Plate & Palette and Queenies in Dunshaughlin! 

Don’t spend time in a queue when you can order, pay, and collect at the time you choose, all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Where else can I use Q-KANGAROO?

Q-KANGAROO is available to use in a number of areas across the island of Ireland such as Dundalk, Navan, Newry, and many more. With a large variety of cafes, restaurants, and more, available on the app, there’s something for everyone on Q-KANGAROO!

And where do I get the Q-KANGAROO App?

You can download the Q-KANGAROO App right now on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store!

No Cash, No Queue, No Problem! 

Q-KANGAROO gives you Food Freedom!