Q-KANGAROO | Need to Eat? Get the App!
Q-KANGAROO | Need to Eat? Get the App!

QK User Benefits: What They Are And Why You Should Try It

Q-KANGAROO is a premium food delivery app that is guaranteed to deliver an excellent customer experience, alongside delicious food. Rooting through kitchen drawers for old menus is a thing of the past. There are tonnes of user benefits of QK, let’s take

Every Menu at Your Fingertips

Every day we’re faced with the age-old question, “what’s for dinner?”. It’s one of the joys of adult life. Cooking can be a pain, especially at the end of a long day or week. That’s where QK comes in!

Ordering online is one of the reasons how QK is the new normal. Available on Android and iOS, Q-KANGAROO has all of your favourite restaurants and takeaways. It takes minutes to download the app and pop in your details.

Once you’re all set up, you can scroll through the retailers in your area. You can even browse the reviews before you try somewhere new.

Browse the menus and get access to exclusive in-app discounts and deals. We only partner with the best restaurants so you’re guaranteed to get delicious food every time.

QK Isn’t Just For Weekend Treats

If you’re working from home, lunchtimes might be getting a little mundane by now. But, you don’t have to settle for the same boring ham and cheese sandwich day after day. That’s what QK is for! We can bring deliciously fresh and healthy lunches right to your door with the touch of a button.

You can order your lunches in advance and pick a delivery time that suits your daily routine. Paying in advance means that our drivers can safety drop off orders with minimum contact – keeping you and the drivers safe.

Skip The Queue

You can also pick up your food if you need to get out of the house. Don’t worry, you won’t get stuck in a long queue and waste your lunch break though. One of the primary user benefits of QK is the queue skipping feature. Yes. That’s right – you get to skip the queue.

Participating retailers will have a separate pick up counter just for QK users. You can simply pay in advance, pick a time to collect your grub, pop in and out without delay. Spend less time queueing, and more time enjoying your freshly prepared meal.

QK Isn’t Just for Food

If lockdown has taken away your morning commute and you miss your daily cuppa joe, look no further than QK. QK partners with local coffee shops as well as restaurants. That means that you can order your morning flat white and pay for it in advance. Choose a time that suits you to pick it up and skip the queue and go straight to the counter – it’ll be ready to go.

Fresh air and delicious coffee are sure to help start your morning off on the right foot. Not to mention the freshly baked pastries that go with it!

Save Money

Another of the primary user benefits of QK is the in-app wallet. Of course, you can use credit or debit cards to pay for your orders, or you can use this nifty feature. If you want to stick to a budget for your mid-week lunches, this feature is sure to help you save some money.

Top up your in-app wallet at the beginning of the week and use this for your orders. This way you can avoid overspending and stick to your budget. It’s a very handy way to keep track of your spending. You can save your card details on your profile for effortless top-ups too.

Speaking of saving money, another user benefit of QK is the exclusive offers. We’re passionate about supporting local businesses and to do this we regularly run and fund discounts for our partners. This means that you can save some money on your favourites!

Save Your Favourites Or Try Something New

When you order from the QK app, you can store your previous orders. Can’t remember the name of that delicious dish that you ordered from the Chinese two weeks ago? We’ve got you covered. Browse previous orders or save favourites for easy ordering.

If you’re sick of your usual Friday-night pizza order and want to try something else, QK has just the ticket. You can easily browse the reviews of each restaurant. This means that you can try new foods from the best restaurants, rated by other customers.

At-Table Ordering

QK isn’t just useful for ordering delivery to your door, it’ll also come in usefully for dining out when restrictions ease off. When restaurants and cafes are allowed to open safely again, many restaurants will opt for at-table-ordering via our QK app. This means that you can browse the menu from your own phone and there’s no need to share menus.

You can order and pay for your food in advance, from your own phone. This way, servers simply drop the food to your table and it can minimize contact between staff and customers – keeping everyone safe. Paying in advance means that you don’t have to wait for the bill either!

Customer Service

One of the key user benefits of QK is an elevated customer experience. We understand that you might have questions or queries when placing an order, that’s why we have an in-app chat option. Our friendly team is available to help you out in any way that we can.

Unfortunately, mistakes are made, hospitality staff are only human after all. But if you notice that your order is missing something, we’re here to help. You can get in touch with our customer service team in seconds, via the app. Here we can act as a go-between for you and the restaurant, and we’ll resolve any hiccups and issues as fast as we can.

Key Takeaways

QK might not be the biggest food and beverage retailer platform, but we’re certainly amongst the best. You can browse our app, filled with only the best restaurants and coffee shops available in your local area. Whether you want your order delivered or you want to pick it up, we have got it covered. And you won’t even need to queue for it!

Download the app today and you’ll see what we’re raving about. Access exclusive offers and discounts, only at QK. Bon appétit!