Q-KANGAROO | Need to Eat? Get the App!
Q-KANGAROO | Need to Eat? Get the App!

Why should your business use


It’s 2020, the year of lockdowns and social distancing, and strangely that’s exactly why your restaurant needs Q-KANGAROO. This is the food delivery app that gives back customers peace of mind as well as their valuable time.

Everyone wants to do their part in keeping down contact with others but they also want to indulge in delicious food. By using the app, Q-KANGAROO customers won’t have to wait in crowded areas waiting on their food or a seat. They can quickly get in and out with the least amount of contact possible. This keeps your customers safe and happy.

Customers can quickly download Q-KANGAROO using the Google Play store or on the Apple App store on their phone. After that, they enter a few details, including their location, and Q-KANGAROO does the rest. Q-KANGAROO will direct users to a list of registered food & beverage retailers in their area. Then all they have to do is peruse your delicious menu and make their decision.

Q-KANGAROO can also handle reservations as well as deliveries. A Q-KANGAROO agent can deliver food right from your store to your customer’s front door. This saves on time and provides a convenient service for your customers.

Affordable improvement for your restaurant

Q-KANGAROO beats all the competition when it comes to pricing. Registering with the app will cost your restaurant roughly half of what it would cost on any other food delivery app. Hardware is installed free of charge and restaurant owners can expect to pay around 7% on commission.

What does Q-KANGAROO offer your restaurant?

There’s a whole host of benefits to registering with Q-KANGAROO. This is the food delivery app for people who are on the go, leading active lifestyles or working busy careers. They need all the help they can to get the best meals available.

So, how can Q-KANGAROO help you as well as your customer?

Minimise risks to your customers with contactless payments

You as a business owner are already aware that your customers are worried. More than ever people are staying indoors and trying to venture out as little as possible, especially to restaurants. Sitting for an hour or more in a public place can be seen as inviting unnecessary risks.

We are looking forward to restrictions being lifted and enjoying indoor dining again.  Q-KANGAROO aims to ease your customer’s anxieties in a simple but effective way.

Like other food delivery apps, customers can order for delivery or pick-up. But they can also pre-book their tables. During the initial test phase of their app, the developers of Q-KANGAROO learned that there was a huge demand for a ‘sit in’ and ‘at table’ ordering solution.

Customers can book their seat for a specific time plus pay for their meal beforehand. This cuts down on contact with your staff and gets rid of any potentially unsafe cash transactions. Customers will be glad to know that they’re supporting local businesses and staying safe during COVID.

Q-KANGAROO improves your consumer insights

It’s a bold statement, we know, but let us explain. Q-KANGAROO can provide your business with GDPR-compliant customer data.

What’s that?

This is detailed information on the inner workings of your company you might not even be aware of. You will learn about the order patterns of customers, along with trends you might not have noticed. By understanding, in detail, your customers wants and needs you can create a better business environment.

Peak time monitoring

But that’s not all when it comes to improving your business. They also offer Peak Time Monitoring.

The interface of Q-KANGAROO will keep track of your busiest and less busy times at the office. Over time you’ll learn to effectively plan out your days with regard to scheduling deliveries, cleaning, re-stocking and so much more.

Q-KANGAROO supports local businesses

While they began life before COVID, Q-KANGAROO are ideally placed to help local businesses. When customers log on to the app they will be directed to a curated list of registered businesses in their area.

Not only will this help secure a steady audience to your menu, it will also expand your customer base. Even though they may have never ventured inside your doors, customers can explore your menu from the comfort of their home.

It’s a crazy time out in the world today but with apps like Q-KANGAROO your restaurant can make the most of it. Contact them today, fill out the sales enquiry form to find out more about how they can help your business.