Q-KANGAROO | Need to Eat? Get the App!
Q-KANGAROO | Need to Eat? Get the App!

Why You Should Be On A Marketplace Food Ordering System

A marketplace food ordering system is where a number of hospitality businesses such as restaurants, cafes, takeaways, and more in an area exist for customers to order through an app or web ordering system. And that is what Q-KANGAROO is! It is a marketplace app that allows customers to order and pay ahead in local businesses.

But Isn’t A System Like This Expensive To Have?


Everyone has heard of the horror stories of the fees that certain marketplace ordering apps take from businesses income and while this is very much a reality with those platforms, this is not a reality with Q-KANGAROO! In fact, you save more on your orders through Q-KANGAROO when compared to leading marketplace systems AND white-label personalised ordering systems.

Wait..So I Can Save More With Q-KANGAROO Than Anyone Else? Even If I Had My Own Online Ordering System?

Correct and right!

With Q-KANGAROO, you pay at most 7% on commission with no administration fees and no need to purchase the hardware from us! There’s even no set-up fees, we sort that out for you!

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What Support Do I Get With Q-KANGAROO?

With Q-KANGAROO, we guarantee you a customer support service that is out of this world. The team is dedicated to providing you with a system that works for both you and your business.

We provide you with a service that allows you to freely update your menu and prices on the app with zero hassle and an open line for any inquiries you might have!

You will also be provided support from our Marketing team who are available to assist you in any way to promote yourself on Q-KANGAROO and online!

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So…I Get All This Support & More At A Low Cost With Q-KANGAROO?


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